Training Visas

H-3 Visa for Trainees

  • The H-3 visa is used to train foreign nationals in connection with a U.S. company’s operations, systems, methodologies, etc. The knowledge and skills learned are to be utilized overseas following completion of the training program.
  • A formal, structured, well-defined training program is required.
  • Duration, maximum of two (2) years.

J-1 Exchange Visitor

  • The J-1 visa is used for trainees, interns, students, professors, scholars, teachers, medical interns and residents, camp counselors and au pairs.
  • The length of stay varies by type of use. University students are D/S; trainees average 18 months; medical interns/residents are eligible for up to 7 years; camp counselors – months; au pairs – 1 year plus 1 year extension.
  • The employer generally utilizes an ‘umbrella organization” to sponsor J-1’s; large employers can also apply for their own J-1 program accreditation through the Department of State.
  • Non-immigrant intent/maintenance of foreign residence is required.
  • J-2 dependent: Eligible for employment authorization if J-2 can establish that employment is independent of J-1 program.